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Choose a product for your evaluation!

Choose one of the following common products from the list and evaluate it! To make it realistic, choose a product you have used actively in the last few days.

First some questions about you
Please rate the product now!

Decide as spontaneously as possible which of the following conflicting terms better describes the product. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Only your personal opinion counts!

annoying enjoyable
not understandable understandable
creative dull
easy to learn difficult to learn
valuable inferior
boring exciting
not interesting interesting
unpredictable predictable
fast slow
inventive conventional
obstructive supportive
good bad
complicated easy
unlikable pleasing
usual leading edge
unpleasant pleasant
secure not secure
motivating demotivating
meets expectations does not meet expectations
inefficient efficient
clear confusing
impractical practical
organized cluttered
attractive unattractive
friendly unfriendly
conservative innovative